JP Rep Meeting 11/2/2015

In attendance: Hanny, Jenny P, Jenny W, Lauren, Gabi, Bryce, Julia, Megan, Lea


Absent: None


1.     Courier Position

a.     Envelope that would be taken on bus. Staged in Quisset and Green Building. Dropbox type of thing.

b.     Can email the general body and ask for a volunteer.

c.     Gabi suggestion: Or personally reach out to a first year?

2.     Printer Needs

a.     Survey ~ 30 responders

                                               i.     17 did not want another printer

                                             ii.     6 said yes – don’t have good printer access

                                            iii.     6 did not care

                                            iv.     Few responded with comment about duplexing.

b. Final decision: Do not get another printer. Try to get those that said yes some printer access at WHOI

3.     Funding Status

a.     Still have lots of funding in funds that run out. Will email out the student body to fill out applications on a rolling basis. Gabi will send out link in meeting summary email.

b.     Department funds are still untapped ($200/dept)  

c.     APO funds runs out at end of calendar year

d.     Next is social fund that expires at end of academic year

e.     ODGE fund rolls over so we don’t have to worry too much about that one.

f.      Lea will check when is the latest we can hand in receipts for the APO funds.

4.     T-shirts

a.     Not very far along on the designs. Gabi chatted with Emily.

b.     May be best to start over.

5.     Buffins Supply

a.     Will get a bit more bagels/muffins for now see how much leftovers there are

6.     Open House for next year – Save the Date: March 14th and 15th (Mon & Tues)

a.     Reps are invited to the breakfast. Dinner is for everyone

7.     Steinbech Scholars

a.     Dept reps should start thinking about that.

8. Email List

         a. Ronni should be taken of the list.

9. General Meeting Guidelines

                  a.  Try to stick to just the agenda points for each meeting

                  b.  For emails asking for ideas/comments about an event etc. Email back if you opposed not if you agree.